Installation Instructions for the CradleVue

Step 1:

Lay the CradleVue out flat and locate the oval-shaped logo. Peel apart the two long hook-and-loop horizontal straps. When installed, the logo will face toward the back seats.

CradleVue installation.

Step 2:

For vehicles with headrest posts:
Raise the front seat headrests on both sides high enough to accommodate the straps. Wrap the left strap around one of the driver's side headrest posts without fastening the hook and loop together. Similarly wrap the right strap around one of the passenger-side headrest posts. Tighten each strap and fasten the hook and loop so that the CradleVue is stretched tight between the two headrest posts. Depending on the distance between the posts, the 'hook' portion of each strap may be slightly longer or shorter than the 'loop' end. This is perfectly normal. The amount of hook and loop fastened together will be more than adequate to securely cradle your laptop. Wrap an orange female buckle around the headrest post and clip it into a male buckle on the corresponding side. Do the same thing with the other female buckle.

CradleVue installation.

Step 3a:

For vehicles with integrated seats:
Attach an extension strap to one of the horizontal straps.

CradleVue installation.

Step 3b:

Wrap the female buckle at the end of the extension strap around and behind one of the front seats with about 4" - 6" of its end exposed behind the seat. Do the same thing with the other extension strap. Clip each female buckle on the extension straps to the male buckle on the corresponding sides of the CradleVue.

CradleVue installation.

Step 4:

Open your laptop computer all the way so that it would lay completely flat if set down.

CradleVue installation.

Step 5a:

Insert the computer into the CradleVue. The center base of the laptop should rest in the triangular, tacky section of the CradleVue.

Slide the strap on the spine of the CradleVue so it is at the top of the laptop. Wrap the strap around the top just above the viewing screen and pull it tight. Pull the straps near the buckles so that the laptop is at the desired viewing height.

CradleVue installation.

Step 5b:

The laptop should resemble this in its final position

CradleVue installation.

Step 6:

If you have a laptop that does not fully open, adjust the hook-and-loop hinge on the spine of the CradleVue to fit the open angle of the laptop.

CradleVue installation.

Step 7:

The final step requires the use of either the center console between the two front seats or the inside armrests, depending on how your vehicle is equipped. Your CradleVue comes with a length of shock cord and a cord stop. The shock cord acts to minimize swaying and jiggling during travel, and also adjusts the viewing angle for the display screen. Wrap the shock cord around the back side of the CradleVue throguh the spine and insert the ends of the cord through the cord stop. Wrap this loop around the armrests, or on the underside of the open center console lid. If you are using the center console lid, you can close it once you have adjusted the tension. The shock cord is thin enough to allow for this.

Enjoy your CradleVue.

CradleVue installation.