Customer Comments

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"Just wanted to say thanks a ton for getting the CradleVue to me so quickly. I spoke with you on Thursday and it arrived on Friday, in plenty of time for our Saturday road trip. As for the road trip, my girls love having the laptop where they can both see it; quiet kids make for a much happier dad." -Stephen B., Illinois-

"I just wanted to thank you for making my shopping experience a great one! You have been terrific at replying back to me and instructing me on how to purchase your harness. I will definately be telling others about your product and the great customer service. In the age of great customer service being the exception not the rule… I really appreciate your company policy on this." -Tami P., Canada-

"I'm excited to get your product - My (computer) is going to be AGES better than any crummy little 7 inch portable DVD player!" -Paul A., Ohio-

"We just wanted to let you know that our CradleVue arrived in plenty of time for our trip. Thank you so much, that was above and beyond for you to call and leave your (cell phone) number (to contact us in case there was a problem with arrival time)." -Stacy O., California-

If you already have a laptop that plays DVD movies, and don't have an "in-car entertainment system", have I found something for you! I put mine in place in about 2 minutes, and am sure it will take me about 30 seconds now that I know how.
Is it cool? My son took one look at it, and pronounced it "awesome!" Is it easy? Yes. Is it well-made? Yes. Is it a heck of a lot cheaper than a $2000 built-in DVD system? Yes, about $1975 cheaper! -John M. Daily Gadget